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4 July 2021
musicoterapia bizantina


The 8 TONES OF BYZANTINE SONG are the way to reach the 8 SPIRITUAL virtues with the voice.

Let’s go deeper, but not too much! Try and believe!

“In sacred song, prayer wants to sublimate the movements of the soul and contemplate the spirit, more perfect”

Isidoro Pelusiota, Egyptian monk of the fifth century.

The ascetic Fathers and Mothers of the first centuries AD they dealt with psychology and spiritual medicine.

They indicated as the cure and prevention of diseases of the spirit:

  • prayer
  • the use of the body
  • art, including Byzantine chant.

In the WORKSHOP BYZANTINE THERAPY CANTO, the Byzantine Chant Therapy therapeutic method will be used which:

  • Guide men and women to know themselves through the use of the voice
  • Explore the 8 spiritual feelings as a group through the sung voice
  • Practice the 8 ways of Byzantine sacred chant to acquire the 8 spiritual virtues

increase the quality of life and relationships and find within oneself the potential to express oneself in the virtuous life of every day
Strengthen the vocality
Improve the relationship with oneself and others
Expanding the expressive possibilities of the “Western temperate” voice

Addressed to :

  • Spiritual seekers, health and holistic practitioners, teachers and animators
  • Music therapists, musicians and singers
  • Those who believe they are out of tune
  • Those who want to heal with art and help heal and understand others
  • To all the others, even without specific skills and singing experiences

The singing therapy course is led by Prof. Irene Rotondale who is a graduate music therapist, liturgical cantor, director of Irini Pas, the Ensemble

Program: WORKSHOP BYZANTINE SONG THERAPY max 12 participants

PROGRAM 1st day: practical and theoretical dynamic
Practical: Sound relaxation and guided listening to music
Theoretical: The spiritual dimension in music
Practical: Vocal technique and breathing technique
Theoretical: Byzantine Roman chant: the 8 modes and the mirror of spiritual virtues
Practice: The eight tone-virtues of the Byzantine song of tones in a group
Construction of a vocal and choral piece
Theory: Microtons and restitution of naturalness to the use of the voice
For info and registration:
Tel. 393.08.13.137
The workshops are held every 3 months

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